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Jobs Not Jail

Homeboy Industries ( has a great motto, “Nothing stops a bullet like a job.”  You know what else stops a bullet?  A good weave.  

Homeboy Enterprises is an amazing organization that works to help former gang members stay out of prison and stay on track.  They make bread that is sold at dozens of farmer’s markets, chips and salsa that is sold at Ralph’s (I’ve had the chips, they’re amazing), as well as clothing and other merchandise.  Homeboy runs a high school, helps members get rid of gang tattoo markings, offers therapy, and financial advice.  There is a Homegirl cafe and catering company and a Homeboy diner.  Amazingly, despite many financial setbacks, Homeboy’s founder, Father Greg Boyle keeps on trucking saving one “hoodlum” after another. Maybe someone believing in you is all it takes to turn over a new leaf.

And speaking of delinquents, my favorite part about Homeboy is that the king of white-collar crimes, Bruce Karatz has lent his brilliant financial mind to the company.  As a result, Homeboy is doing better than ever.  Now if only Martha Stewart could get involved…

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