About Sara Morris

My name is Sara.  I was born in Switzerland, raised in Sweden, and schooled in the Soviet Union.  I speak Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, and Swahili.  My favorite color is sapphire.  My favorite food is sushi.  My boyfriend’s name is Sam.  His favorite foods are green eggs and ham.  




15 responses to “About Sara Morris

  1. Sara Morris

    Writer by day, super hero by night.

  2. Sam

    Great Stuff! You need an audio component so the world can hear your incredibly improvised singing.


  3. Lee (Sam's lil sister)

    Hi Sara:
    I like to read your blog while I am grading toefl. This is problematic, however, because I often get distracted and give these poor test takers a really crappy score when they deserve only a crappy score. I know blogs are mostly about writing but I enjoy pictures. And that way I can look at the pictures and imagine the story that goes along with them and it doesn’t take up too much brain power while I work. This is all to say that more photos of you and Kiki would be welcome.

  4. Krsita

    I love reading your blog. It’s like we get to hang out every day which is great because I’m spending most of my time with a 20 week old who, while sweet, smiley and charming, is not nearly as funny or clever as you! He also doesn’t know as many swear words, yet…

  5. I call bullshit… I so don’t believe that your favorite color is sapphire…

  6. m

    Come on Sara – we need some anecdotes on what’s happening back in the farm house without heat…..hope you had a very MERRY Christmas….those of us who are hooked on your blog need our daily fix and it’s now been 7 days!

  7. rich

    And I thought you got schooled in Hockessin. . .

  8. I just had to note the irony, my name is Sara Morris and my husbands name is Sam and we love sushi…what are the chances?

  9. we read about the food trucks…you did not say you spoke English in your blog presentation

    did you meet the other sara morris????
    Yuchen is here reading this with me..looking for pics..

  10. My name is XAN. I was born in Mother Russia, raised in Argentina, and schooled in the San Francisco. I speak Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese. My favorite color is azul cielo . My favorite food is sushi. My girlfriend’s name is Camera. Her favorite foods are green eggs and chorizo.

    ****Loved finding this-cracking up out loud-good to reconnect after all these years. Hope you are doing well. Besos. XG

  11. diana lannes

    I randomly stumbled upon your blog when I was google-ing dog boarding! I think it’s great. I am half Swedish/estonian, living in LA….

  12. ivor biggen

    I found this blog while google-ing big dogs how ironic……

  13. Mary

    Hey Sara – what’s happening in ITaly? let us know. And don’t eat the lettuce, cukes or tomatoes – e-coli – BIG SCARE@

  14. Me llamo Pablo

    Would that be Provence, Rhode Island …or Paris, Kentucky ?
    Himself (Word Traveler).

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