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The Power of YES

  • Do you want to go to the movies Tuesday night after you’ve worked all day and been up since 5am?
  • Do you want to join me at my holiday work party where you won’t know a soul and everyone will be talking work?
  • Do you want to take a spontaneous trip to San Francisco this weekend even though you know the drive stinks on the way back?

Your answer to all of these questions should be YES.  YES!  Or even hell YES!

Saying ‘No’ leads us well, nowhere.  We know exactly what’s going to happen with N.O. – our sofa, our TV, our same-old, same-old routine.  But with YES, anything can happen.  At the movies you might sit next to Brad Pitt.  At the work party you might spill an egg nog on your soul mate across a crowded copier machine.  On the trip to San Francisco you might go to a party, meet someone, get a new job, and decide to move to the foggy city.  The possibilities are endless with YES.

So the next time you don’t want to do something because you’re tired, you’re bored, you’re in no mood to shave your legs and put on a tie…just say YES.  You’ll thank me for it afterward.  

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Blah-fbvbtwenfv-blah-blah and Other Thoughts

Life has gotten in the way of my writing.  Every morning I wake up thinking, this will be the day and every afternoon I sigh in resignation as another one gets away from me.  I have so much to do and I need another me and another 24 hours to get it done.  It’s like that movie Multiplicty where Michael Keaton keeps duplicating himself to stay above water.  One clone to go to work, one clone to take care of the kids, the house, and the errands, and one clone to relax and have a life.  I need that!

In lieu of a cloning lab coming to a store near me, I’m going to condense everything I want you to know, but don’t have time to tell you, into one, informative blog.  Okay, here goes:

  1. One of my friends is going to Sundance with the very first movie he’s ever gotten made…I am SO happy for him.  Good things happen to good people.
  2. The Descendants staring George Clooney; good movie, but I still can’t decide if I liked it – not sure what that says in terms of me recommending it
  3. I am trying to find bar stools right now as well as snow boots for toddlers and a rocking chair that reclines.  Someone didn’t tell the retailers that we’re in a recession because I’m not finding good prices anywhere.  I see the stool I want (over $300 – I want to pay $150), the boots that I want ($50, I want to pay $25), and the chair that I want ($1500, I want to pay $300).  Now I just have to figure out how to get them for cheaper.
  4. I received my Christmas cards a week ago and still haven’t addressed them.  Why isn’t there such a thing as a ‘come over to my house and help me address envelopes’ party?  I’d happily provide some wine and cheese for that kind of help.
  5. Brett Ratner quit the Oscars…told you so.
  6. One of my best friends became an American citizen today.  How cool is that?
  7. My husband built a toy house out of boxes and it is the most amazing house I have ever seen.  It has a turkey in the oven, pictures on the walls, and birds and squirrels climbing around the windows…I think we’ve got a business model over here.
  8. I hate Netflix and all these terrible changes they keep making.  Qwikster?  Really?  I’ve been researching alternatives – Blockbuster and iTunes seem to be the best options.  No wait time for videos, you can stream new releases, and the prices don’t change every other day by 60%.  I’m getting closer and closer to saying goodbye to that red envelope in the mail.
  9. Margin Call – I really enjoyed this movie even though I found it in only 1 theater in Los Angeles and it came and went so fast I might have been the only person who caught it.  Put it on your list to watch.  Paul Bettany in particular is fantastic.
  10. Last, but not least, McConnell’s Ice Cream is rocking my world these days.  Yum!  You’ve got to try it to believe it, but as someone who usually goes for the exotic flavors, this company really hits plain old Vanilla in the head.  So simple, so basic, so delicious.

Until next time then…muqlpkwjv blah blah blah.

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Duggar Family Expecting 20th Child

I’m trying not to judge.  I mean, I’m really really trying…

Okay, it’s not working.  Are these people nuts?  Answer: yes.  Obviously.

Michelle (age 45) and her husband Jim Bob (enough said) Duggar are “excited” about their newest addition.  Personally, I find it gross, negligible, and selfish.  22 people isn’t a family, it’s a welfare project.  The town social network family, who share their favorite Bible verses on their webpage, have their own reality program to pay the bills.  Of course they do, what circus event doesn’t these days?  Oh my gosh, I’m so mean.  I’ll stop.  But really, 20 children?  The oldest ones never had a chance and the youngest ones probably all have the same name to keep it easy.  Talk about special.  It’s a real Hallmark family – just the way god wanted.

Here’s a picture of them with 17 of their children so just add 3 people and you’ve got a current shot.

And here is what I think is their latest promotional photo – notice how someone has helped make them look less creepy.  Good styling, but I’m not buying the Kool Aid.

And Duggar family?  If you’re reading this?  I’m sorry I judged, but I’m praying your mom hits menopause soon.  I think 20 children is more than enough.

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Tower Heist…Not As Bad You Might Think

Friday night date night and Sam and I ventured out into the somewhat chilly Southern California night to see Tower Heist.  I expected pure caca, but was pleasantly surprised to find Tower Heist moderately amusing.  Brett Ratner, the director, is not my favorite director and his recent comments regarding “banging” Olivia Munn before she changed her name and gave herself a make-over…well, let’s just say, the guy sounds like a real pig.  Since I’m no Hollywood actor, I can say stuff like that.  Classy guy though, right?  What girl doesn’t want to be (and I quote loosely here) “banged and then forgotten?”

So of course, I’m super curious as to why a beautiful girl like Olivia Munn would have sex with a guy like Brett Ratner.  Is he super funny?  A real humanitarian?

Or maybe it’s that Hollywood actresses are as avaricious and debauched as we think they are.  I googled “Brett Ratner girlfriends” and this is what I found:

  • Brett Ratner dated Serena Williams for a long time
  • Brett Ratner was engaged to long-time girlfriend Rebecca Gayheart
  • Brett Ratner has allegedly dated Victoria Secret model Alina Puscau whom he shot for Playboy
  • Brett Ratner has “dated” Lindsay Lohan, but then again, so has everyone
  • Brett Ratner has had transsexual relations (NY Post Page Six)
  • Brett Ratner is dating China Chow

There was more of course, but who has the time to skim the web more than that?  The point is, despite Mr. Ratner’s crassness, Tower Heist didn’t totally suck.  Tower Heist: it’s no Shakespeare in Love, but it isnt’s as bad as you would expect either.  Perfect for a tired Friday night with your husband.


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