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Hillary Clinton Relationship With GMO’s – Is It True?

For awhile now I’ve admired Hillary; her stamina, her determination to play in the game, her teflon like armor.  But my admiration is waning.  No politician is free from making tough ethical choices in today’s business of politics and fundraising.  Where heavy donors equate greedy, immoral big business and shadowy, back door handshakes.  Where moral decisions are made in a compromised state of mind.  I’m speaking now about Monsanto and Hillary’s affiliation with their nasty GMO’s, animal cruelty, and chemical predilections when it comes to food and farming.  As a woman, did Hilary feel like she had to go to the dark side in order to play in pen?  Even in 2014, it’s a different game for women, a harder and less rewarding game.  But GMO’s?  Surely Hillary understands how damaging genetically modified food is for us? It feels like the Clintons began something that is destroying our health.

It’s past time for a woman in office, but I’m not sure Hillary is the one to do it. She’s strong enough and experienced enough, but her values seem askew from mine. That being said however, I do feel solidarity in our sex. Would I rather vote for a woman who will open the door for countless women to come (even if she makes decisions that seem short-sighted and self-serving) or another man who blah-blah-blah-blah-blah (these males presidents are all starting to run together for me like Leonardo DiCaprio’s model girlfriends).

I understand that the sites below all have their own bias, but it’s food for thought:


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112 Weddings

Unable to relax after another very very very very very very very very very VERY long day, I watched 112 Weddings on HBO. The documentary provides a quick, but honest look at marriage through the eyes of wedding videographer, Doug Block. (who you might recognize from his more well-known, The Kids Grow Up)

Maybe it was my exhaustion, maybe it’s because I’m married, but the movie made laugh and cry. I loved seeing the different types of relationship out there and how they’re different from own…and yet exactly the same.  My favorite part is at the end during wedding #112 when Block captures the true difference between men and women. I won’t spoil it for you so just look for the part when the bride gets taken away by her womenfolk for sage advice and the groom gets the same treat. Can you already predict why this might have tickled my funny bone?

112 Weddings – I give it a happy thumbs up.

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