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Harry Dresden, My Secret Addiction

As a reader, I have a bit of tunnel vision.  Once I find something that interests me I consume it like a locust until my appetite is abated.  Case in point: Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files.  I stumbled upon the most recent novel a few weeks ago and in no less then two weeks have read every book I can get my hands on – and by that I mean, 10 books in 14 days.  It’s been bananas.  I started with 2003 and read my way through a decade.  Now I’m off the library to see if I can find any of the earlier editions.

I hear somebody made a show about the books years ago. That’s on my list too.

Ah, my sweet addiction.

harry dresden

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Strangers Helping Strangers

Those most affected by the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan will be the children.  They are not capable of taking care or providing for themselves and their little bodies are the ones most susceptible to disease, hunger, and dysentery. 

Luckily, you can do something to help.  UNICEF is on site and working hard to care for the children in the Philippines.  I don’t do this often, but come on…it takes 2 second and a few keystrokes to make a HUGE difference.  

Donate $5.  Donate $50.  Donate $500.  Whatever feels good to you – just make sure you do donate something.  Wouldn’t you want the same kindness for your child?


philippines  1.7 million children will be affected by Haiyan.  (News Article)

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