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A Little Note of Thanks

Rain. Rain! It’s raining in Los Angeles.

Phew.  Finally.

All winter we’ve worn our summer dresses, our sunblock, and our shades.  All winter we’ve quietly wondered to ourselves if this is the beginning of the end.  If global climate change had decided to make her fist move.  If summertime in the winter is what all those scientists were talking about.  Los Angeles winters of 85 degrees.  If perhaps we should’ve gotten a new Prius after all.  If our kids were going to think California and the equator were pretty much the same.  If the constant sunshine was making us all batty.

But now. Now!

It started to rain in the wee hours of the night and to my great pleasure, I can still hear it coming down.  A hard dripping sound on the plastic of the air conditioner outside the window.   A soft, wet, swishy drip onto the leaves of the plants that are abundantly growing thanks to the never-ending sunshine.  A splatter drip washing the terracotta tiles of our front porch.  And then the warm, cozy drip on the roof that feels like cotton balls in my ears.  I am enveloped in the womb of rain.

Thank you.  Whoever you are.  Thank you.

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Weather Report

Every morning I wake up and check the weather.  And every day I see pretty much the same thing: 70-something degrees and sunny.  It’s been like this all January except for last week, which was 80-something degrees and sunny.  And as far as precipitation goes – well that’s a constant 0%

Do I feel like an old lady, checking the weather?  Yes.  Do I still keep doing it in the hopes of seeing something exciting and new?  Yes.

I love Southern California, but a little a rain, a little thunder, a little shish-boom-bah would be great every now and again.  12 months of sunny gets exhausting.  How I can always be happy and energetic?  I need some rain so I can get out of exercising, eat crappy food, and stay in bed reading until the storms abate.  I need a snow day.  I need a hurricane to wash away the dirt of the city and make it all shiny and new.  I need some lightening and thunder to remember what god sounds like.  I need air that smells like cold, wet Christmas trees.

Tuesday, January 21st: 81 degrees, sunny, 0% precipitation


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