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In the past few weeks I’ve read over a dozen fantastic books about privacy. Two of my favorites for those of you just starting to investigate post 9/11 America, the Patriot Act and how these both have affected our Constitutional rights (4th Amendment) to privacy can start with these:

And then there’s the provocative and obviously biased, but no less worrisome documentary Citizen Four. For those who read this and say, “But I have nothing to hide.” I ask you to stop and really think about what it means to lose liberty, freedom, protection from being tracked and monitored for no reason. To be unable to protest, to gather, to speak your mind without penalty…  can you still not care?

Food for thought I hope.


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Exercising My Right To Vote

At 6:57am I drove by my voting station…and kept on driving.  The line was 4 blocks long and looked absolutely bananas.  Why oh why didn’t I send in my ballot my mail?  Oh yeah, I’m besieged by children.  

There was an old woman who lived in a boat,

She had so many children,

She couldn’t get out to vote!

I had my 2 year old with me this morning who is very excited about being an American, the American flag, and all things American.  A favorite phrase in our house is (and screech this please), “I’m an American!”  When asked who she was planning to vote for, Romney or Obama her response was, O’Rama.  O’Rama.  I love it.  The perfect combination of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Which is my feeling about this election.  No matter who wins, no matter what party takes office next year, enough is enough.  No more spending the next 4 years just trying to thwart whoever gets into office.  It’s time to work together as we did in the late 1700’s when this country was started.  It’s time to vote, O’Rama!

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