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In the past few weeks I’ve read over a dozen fantastic books about privacy. Two of my favorites for those of you just starting to investigate post 9/11 America, the Patriot Act and how these both have affected our Constitutional rights (4th Amendment) to privacy can start with these:

And then there’s the provocative and obviously biased, but no less worrisome documentary Citizen Four. For those who read this and say, “But I have nothing to hide.” I ask you to stop and really think about what it means to lose liberty, freedom, protection from being tracked and monitored for no reason. To be unable to protest, to gather, to speak your mind without penalty…  can you still not care?

Food for thought I hope.


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If you looked at my open tabs right now you would see that I like dresses at Anthropologie, books on Amazon, movie times (we saw The World’s End last night), and dance classes.  Not that titillating, but it’s mine nonetheless.  Mine.  Mine?  Not so much according to the new documentary, Terms and Conditions May Apply.

At half-past way too early (I was up from 3am-4:30am with the little one last night) I was thinking about all the secrets we share without ever wanting to.  What if I was addicted to hardcore porn or Furry chatrooms or well, I can’t think of anything else right now (see above lack of sleep), but what if I was?  And it was my secret.  Mine.  Not Google’s, not Joe Advertising’s, not Bank of Jamaica’s credit card department.  But that’s not the case and it scares me like one of those old conspiracy theory movies.

Big Brother?  Are you listening?  I do not like it that you can track me on my cell phone at all times.  That you can see where I live, what my laundry looks like, and what kind of cleaning detergent I purchase.  So butt out, man!  I’ve got a ganja farm growing in my garage and it needs privacy.  (I just Googled how to spell ‘ganja’ by the way so I’ve got that tab going for me too)


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