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It’s Not Worth the Fight

Some kids come to school in Tea brand clothes, other Gap or J.Crew or my favorite, little Mini Boden. Regardless of the label, the children look groomed and coiffed and put together as only amply fed and much-loved children can. But I’m bucking the trend. To hell with that preppy, adorable look. Today, I’m sending the kids to school in something different.

My daughter is wearing a moth-eaten dress that used to be my mother’s. It’s been around since the dinosaurs and some might say it looks…worn.

My son is wearing his pajamas. The same ones he’s worn since Friday and won’t take off.

In the past I’ve cajoled. I’ve pleaded. I’ve demanded sternly with consequences. And all it results in is tears and chaos. So I’m going with the flow.

Bring on the random clothes, the weird outfits, the strange and the marvelous…I’m down with it. It’s just not worth the fight.


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Keeping Up with the Jones’

In the 1950’s something called ‘Planned Obolescence’ was built into the American economy. It’s no coincidence that this happened at the same time as the advertising boom we’ve all come to love via Mad Men. Planned Obolescence “is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time.” And if you still don’t understand what I’m talking about, take a look at your Apple iPhone.  Just what model do you have?

Planned Obolescence also applies to fashion, automobiles, appliances, technology obviously and just about everything you can think of. It’s a trap that leave us wanting more-more newer-newer as old products give way to something “better.” But is it better? Is that new $2000 coat really any warmer than the one you already have? Does the new dishwasher really make your dishes any cleaner?

I know so many people in debt because of this consumer trap.

So watch out for those feelings of needing to keep up with everybody around you. Maybe it’s cooler to just say no.Dilbert

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The Case of the Striped Sneakers

My daughter has requested a pair of striped sneakers for her next birthday.  She mentioned it about 2 days after her birthday last summer and it’s come up about once an hour ever since.  So, being the amazingly stupendous mother/zoo-wrangler that I am, I have been searching for a pair of striped toddler sneakers.  And searching.  And searching.  And searching.  Apparently, I’ve got the only toddler in the world who wants striped sneakers.

My daughter is very clear…she needs:

  • striped sneakers
  • with velcro
  • that are pink
  • and she doesn’t want to trip in them

If I were a lawyer who billed hourly, I’d be able to retire after this case.  But I’m not and after about 4 hours of searching through hundreds of ugly sneakers last night I gave up.  The requirements had defeated me.  So I bought these Pumas.Whirlwind V (Infant/Toddler/Youth) - Limestone Gray/White/Azalea Pink  I’m just praying Gucci doesn’t come out with a pink sneaker in the meantime because in terms of stripes, they’ve got the market snatched-up.gucci sneakers

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Baby Gucci

I’ve been shopping for sunglasses for my little one and not coming up with a lot of stylish options.  Sadly, my favorite brand thus far, Zoobug is only sold on the other side of the pond.

I’ve tried Babiators…too big, but cute at least.

I’ve tried Baby Banz…so ugly.  They’re like police officer meets bike rider glasses.

And then a million other brands…which all seem to have one problem or another.  No UVA and UVB protection (which is the whole point), the arms come off, the lenses pop out, the nose rubs, etc etc.

I even went online to Baby Gucci, which for the bargain price of $140 has extremely attractive selections, but they’re all for big kids, not toddlers.  I did however, find clothes like THIS and THIS, which are beyond cute and only $300.  $300 for something my little one will be able to wear for 1 maybe 2 weeks before she grows into the next size…seems like a bargain to me.

Meanwhile, I continue to search for sunglasses so my blue-eyed bambina will stop covering her face with her arm like some sort of paparazzi-hounded actress.

Zoobug, please come sell your wares to the colonies!

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