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Best Play Kitchen 2013

3,337 hours of research later and I just purchased my very own play kitchen.  Whoo hoo!

The criteria was tough:

  • no pink
  • no batteries
  • no plastic or plywood or particle board or stuff that feels like cardboard (our current kitchen is made out of an old cardboard box, so obviously we wanted an upgrade)
  • tall (my children are giants)
  • and large enough that two children can play at the same time without fighting

This took out most of the popular KidKraft choices as well as Melissa & Doug, Hape, and Plan Toys.  Unfortunately, it took me about a month of researching to figure that out.  What it left us with was Camden Rose, Guidecraft, Pottery Barn, and Land of Nod.  I did search upon upon search – ‘Tall Toddler Play Kitchen,’ ‘Play kitchen for tall kids,’ Best play kitchen ever,’ and ‘Best Bestest BEST kids kitchen.’  The results were daunting.  Who are all these mothers who have free time to make their own DIY kitchen?  Kitchen’s that look better than anything I could even imagine as well!  Damn overachiever mothers.  <mumble grumble mumble>

Guidecraft-Dramatic-Play-Café-Play-KitchenFinally (and mostly because I am just so sick of it I can’t even breath) I purchased the  Guidecraft Dramatic Play Cafe Kitchen.  It’s tall.  It’s made out of wood.  It’s an island with four different sides (no fighting between kids for room).  And the reviews were all 5 stars wherever I looked.  My only wish was that there was a separate refrigerator, but as my husband pointed out…A) I can always buy a fridge later on and B) I might be glad I don’t have one more darn toy in the house come a month from now when there are fake cupcakes and wooden pizzas all over the place.

Best of all, I can move it around the house because it’s one solid piece.  (If you know me then you know I tend to rearrange my house about once a month.)

Yay!  The never-ending search for the best play kitchen of 2013 has ended.  Hallelujah!  (and I mean that sincerely)

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