A New Year, A New Point of View

This is the year I’m slowing down. I don’t have to do it all. I don’t have to berate and chastise myself for not being the President of Google. I don’t know how to play the saxophone and I will never cure cancer.  So instead of trying to do it all – be everything to all people – run around trying to hustle 75 seconds from a minute, I ask myself, how can I be okay with where I am? With who I am?

I am an explorer. I am a writer. I am a teacher. I am a friend. I am a daughter and a wife. I am fearless. I do not look like Kate Moss and I am not part of the “it” crowd whatever that is. But I am part of the “my” crowd. My life, my footprint, my happiness, my existence, my meaning.

This year I strive to accept and find joy with where I am. To see the glass half full. To be nice to myself inside my head. And to embrace a sense of confidence and peace in being a blip in time.

I urge you to do the same. Wherever you are – stop. Breathe. Be mindful of this exact moment. And remind yourself that life is not a race, not a fight, not a competition. It’s you and me and him and her all on a journey together. And you my friend, are doing awesome!

Hawaii March 2010 143


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