and Life Keeps Moving at the Speed of Light

Zoom Zoom Zoom, I’m going to the moon…

It’s a song my kids like to sing. My city kids. My uber-urban, uber cosmopolitan mini-me’s who started their uber progressive preschool today.


A preschool where some families arrive vis Uber, the non-taxi taxi service.


A preschool that is so thoughtful, the teachers come for playdates to your house before school starts in order to help the little ones transition better.


Our house, where I now sit listening to the gardeners blowing leaves up and down the street.


And traffic.


And people.


And life moving like a tsunami. It reminds me of those t-shirts that read, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Or how when I ask someone how’s he doing, everybody (and I mean everybody) always answers the same: Busy. Super busy. Crazy Busy. So so busy.





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