The Very Sexy Holmes Brothers

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is my hero.  Not only did he come up with the deliciously intense character of Sherlock Holmes, but also his odd and ever-so-intriguing brother, Mycroft.  It has been alluded to that Mycroft is in fact smarter than Sherlock, a fact I find quite sexy.  Mycroft is also described as lazy with his intelligence and uninterested (where Sherlock is not) in putting cart behind horse to follow through with a theory.  Mycroft would rather be wrong and unbothered than right and disturbed.

Who has the bigger er, brain then?  Sherlock or Mycroft?  Sherlock deduces step by step until he solves the riddle.  He’s both a sleuth and an adventurer – like a way better Indiana Jones.  Mycroft on the other hand, is like a human computer; storing everything, seeing everything, manipulating everything.  But he’s somewhat nonfunctional.  Eh, it’s a toss up.  Fact is though, who needs boy bands when you’ve got the Holmes brothers?  Plus, they have those yummy, British accents.

Call me a nerd if you will, but I cannot get enough of these brainy detectives.  <sigh>  Be still my fluttering heart.


PostScript: My favorite modern adaptation of the books is the one with Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Mark Gatiss (Mycroft) on the BBC – though I have never seen, Billy Wilder and Izzy Diamond’s The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, which is on my To Do list.


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