Weather Report

Every morning I wake up and check the weather.  And every day I see pretty much the same thing: 70-something degrees and sunny.  It’s been like this all January except for last week, which was 80-something degrees and sunny.  And as far as precipitation goes – well that’s a constant 0%

Do I feel like an old lady, checking the weather?  Yes.  Do I still keep doing it in the hopes of seeing something exciting and new?  Yes.

I love Southern California, but a little a rain, a little thunder, a little shish-boom-bah would be great every now and again.  12 months of sunny gets exhausting.  How I can always be happy and energetic?  I need some rain so I can get out of exercising, eat crappy food, and stay in bed reading until the storms abate.  I need a snow day.  I need a hurricane to wash away the dirt of the city and make it all shiny and new.  I need some lightening and thunder to remember what god sounds like.  I need air that smells like cold, wet Christmas trees.

Tuesday, January 21st: 81 degrees, sunny, 0% precipitation



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