The Great Big Yard-sale Adventure

I never had a yard sale growing up.  When we were done with something, we gave it to Goodwill.  And that’s what I’ve been doing my entire adult life…until yesterday!

Yesterday, we hauled out toys and clothes and shoes and bags and DVD players.  We flaunted cribs and bibs and remote controls.  We sold curtain rods and bath rods and old lamps with Edison’s bulbs.  The only things we didn’t put in our driveway (we couldn’t actually use the yard due to fence issues) were…well, everything we currently use and enjoy.  But you get the drift.

The sale was intended to be from 8-12.  At 7:30, men pulled up like something out of Fight Club and began shadowing my every move.  They peppered me with questions, did I have watches?  Cell phones?  Old computers that didn’t work?  Lady’s Jewelry?  Exotic plants?  Exotic ladies?  (I said yes to that one)  Men’s jeans?  Copper pots?  Silverware?  I held my own.  Channeling Vin Diesel, I responded monosyllabically.  And I might have had a bit of a Russian accent.  “No, yes, you’re early – you need to wait.”

Shortly after noon we started to pack everything up and by 1pm, I was on the sofa resting.  Sam drove our boxed remains to Goodwill.

Lessons learned:

$.10 is a great price for clothes

the word for FREE in Spanish is GRATIS

Kids love yard sales

I love yard sales

We are having another yard sale someday!


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