Ash Sneakers – a Footwear Trend

Due to my never-ending desire to embarrass myself, I dance.  Hip hop mostly, but I’ve been known to throw in some ballet or lyrical.  And so for quite some time now I’ve been searching for sneakers.  High tops to be specific.  My old Nike’s are literally coming apart at the seams.  My left foot has a hole (yes, hole – not rip) 2 inches wide.  Not that that impairs my dancing.  When you dance like I do, nothing can make it any worse.

What I’ve found is that in addition to your old school high top, and the new high-heel high top (say that 10 times fast), and the no muss no fuss Converse-esq high top…there’s also the fashion high top.  Big name designers have come out of the woodwork to style-up high tops with the prices to match.  A more <ahem> reasonably priced brand is Ash, which retails in the $200-$300 range.  Mostly patent leather or distressed leather with buckles and zippers, Ash has cornered an interesting market – the not-so-bad ass high top.  Women like me can toughen up dresses and jeans.  We can pair a flowered shirt with leggings and some Ash high tops and boom – we’ve got our hard and soft.  I’m into it.

Spreading the word, one sneaker at a time…

ash1 ash2ash3ash5



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