Underwood Farms and the Biggest Pumpkin EVER

Yesterday my family piled into the truck and hit the road for Moorpark, California home of the pumpkin capital of nowhere. Really though, there are pumpkins there that are bigger than small cars.  See exhibit A and notice the size of the boy sitting on top for comparison:



Despite my children’s pleas, we did not get the mamma jamma pumpkin, but instead a merely mamma one, which a nice young man helped us move.  As no one else at Underwood Farms seemed stupid festive enough to choose such an unmanageable large pumpkin, we did create quite a fuss walking out.


And so now I am the proud owner of a pumpkin that weighs more than I do.  How we are going to gut this thing I have no idea.  Stay tuned for more of the Real Housewives of Pumpkin City.


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