The Big Bad Wolf

My 3 year old daughter wants to be a big, scary wolf for Halloween. (her words, not mine)  That or a pirate, she can’t decide.  But the wolf seems to be winning the race and I found myself late last night Googling “wolf toddler costume.”  The findings were not plentiful.  Looks like there aren’t a lot of children who want to be wolves.  Fairies?  Batmen?  Firefighters?  Ladybugs?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  Wolves?  Eh, not so much.

What I did find however, was Pottery Barn Kids and dear me, are those costumes darling!!!  Not that I would ever ever ever in a million years spend $100 on something she’ll only wear once…. Okay maybe if I were Beyonce I would, but as plain old me?  No way, Jose.  And even though they don’t exactly have a wolf (they call theirs a werewolf) costume, I’m still liking it.  Except for the fact that we live in Southern California and that much costume is jut too much for a balmy October night.  But maybe she could just wear the onesie and the wolf head.  Hmmmm…..

So here they are in all their cuteness glory.  Folks, I give you my favorites of the 2013 Pottery Barn Kids collection:

pb1 pb2 pb3 This is the wolf “werewolf” costume I found for my little one. pb4 pb5 pb6 pb7 pb8 pb9 pb10 pb11 pb12 pb13 And the baby could wear this wolf costume.  pb14  And Sam could wear this wolf costume, ’cause you know what they say… The wolf family who trick or treats together, hits the streets together.  Ow-Ow-Owhooooooo!!!



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2 responses to “The Big Bad Wolf

  1. Tyler

    Hi There, the daddy and baby wolf coustume is so cute. If you don’t mind me asking, there did you get the adult wolf hood?

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