Liberty Bottle Works

Liberty Bottle Works – 6 Reasons Why This Is the Best Water Bottle Company in The World

  1. Made in America
  2. No bizarre chemicals that rhyme with CPA, gromide or barsenic
  3. EXCELLENT customer service
  4. No leak bottles just the right size for little hands
  5. Great artwork
  6. Super duper affordable!

liberty bottlesAfter an exhausting internet search for a water bottle that wouldn’t leak, wouldn’t cause my daughter cancer, and didn’t look like we were a family who slept in rock crevices (I needed cute) I found Liberty Bottle Works.  While other bottles were upwards of a zillion dollars, Liberty had great designs at very reasonable prices.  Done – I bought it and  it was the best $12 I ever spent.  Then I lost the straw.  Uh oh.  But when I called customer service (wait for it…) they immediately said they’d send me a bag of replacement straws at NO COST.  I know right?  Amazing.

Liberty Bottle Works.  Don’t wait another second.  Buy one!


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