Climbing Out of the Crib

You that expression FML?  Yeah, well that’s what I was thinking from about 11pm to the crack of dawn this morning.  My 16 month old son has figured out how to climb out of his crib.  It began in early August and by Monday of this week he had perfected his technique.  Rat bastard.

What does this mean?  No naps.  No sleeping at night.  No rest.  No rest.  No rest.  Every single time the baby should be sleeping, he is giggling like mad and hurling his chubby, little body over the side of the rails.  What a fun game!

All I know is that no child this young should be so agile.  It’s KILLING me.


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One response to “Climbing Out of the Crib

  1. mary

    it gets worse….just wait….at least he isn’t talking back yet or borrowing your car keys!

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