Vacation Hangover

We’re back and skydiving into the thick of things.  And by skydiving I mean jumping off of our Virgin America flight into an abyss of work, social obligations, and the patient parenting of 2 jet-lagged toddlers.  Our vacation was lovely until the end when one by one we fell to the bayonet of a superbug thus tainting our relaxing visit to the East Coast.  Meanwhile, we returned to our home to find the plumbing stopped up and the backyard full of poop.  On the positive side, the house was immaculate and the refrigerator well stocked thanks to the little elves who make our world work.

And remember my poor car?  Well I finally took her in and after a terrible ordeal, am driving a luxurious Ford Taurus.  I can’t believe the struggle I’m finding myself in over an accident that was in no way my fault.  And it’s partially the culpa of my insurance agency for allowing me only $30/day for a rental car.  $30 will get me a Kia – how am I supposed to fit 2 gigantic carseats and a super stroller into a Kia, I ask you?  So when I demanded something comparable to my own car I was told no way, Jose.  So I’m paying the difference between the Kia and the Taurus out-of-pocket.  My car will be in the shop for 2 weeks; 2 weeks of repairs for an accident that happened while I was grocery shopping inside a Trader Joe’s.  Obviously, this battle hasn’t seen the last of me.

Lastly, sightings of Emiliano Zapata have been reported in local news.  Stay tuned for traffic and weather…



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