The Case of the Striped Sneakers

My daughter has requested a pair of striped sneakers for her next birthday.  She mentioned it about 2 days after her birthday last summer and it’s come up about once an hour ever since.  So, being the amazingly stupendous mother/zoo-wrangler that I am, I have been searching for a pair of striped toddler sneakers.  And searching.  And searching.  And searching.  Apparently, I’ve got the only toddler in the world who wants striped sneakers.

My daughter is very clear…she needs:

  • striped sneakers
  • with velcro
  • that are pink
  • and she doesn’t want to trip in them

If I were a lawyer who billed hourly, I’d be able to retire after this case.  But I’m not and after about 4 hours of searching through hundreds of ugly sneakers last night I gave up.  The requirements had defeated me.  So I bought these Pumas.Whirlwind V (Infant/Toddler/Youth) - Limestone Gray/White/Azalea Pink  I’m just praying Gucci doesn’t come out with a pink sneaker in the meantime because in terms of stripes, they’ve got the market sneakers


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