Beautiful Creatures

beautiful creaturesI read the book, Beautiful Creatures quite by accident about 4 months ago and couldn’t put it down.  From there I raced on through the other novels in the series, desperate to learn what happens to poor Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes.  So you can imagine my pleasure when I learned that there was a movie out.  After Twilight and Harry Potter I expected great things from this adaptation.  Not to mention the writer/dircector, Richard LaGravenese who had done some other movies I knew, and a cast that looked interesting and talented.

Boy, was I disappointed.  Where the books were enchanting, suspenseful, and rich with southern flavor, the movie was…confusing? Awkward?  So different from the books that I could barely even follow?  Half of the characters weren’t there and the other half were so different from who they were on the page I didn’t even recognize them.  What happened to the lovely and fresh story from the book?

For $4.99 on iTunes I’m wishing I’d saved my money to buy chocolate. In short, read the book – it’ll be much more worth your while (and your chocolate money).


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