The Day I Bumped My Head (otherwise known as when I agreed to go to a Banjo, Fiddle, and Folk Festival)

On Sunday my dear, beloved husband convinced me to pack up the kids and head out to the annual Topanga Canyon Banjo and Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival.  In theory, a fabulous idea…if we hadn’t driven 3 hours the day before out to Simi Valley or didn’t have 2 children under the age of 3.  But we did and we do.

The park location itself was a lovely surprise.  The old Paramount Ranch is where they used to shoot western movies back in the day and from the Saucy Saloon to the Dirty Bug Motel, it was perfect even if you don’t like westerns.  Dusty, dirty, and full of music – the kids and I followed Sam around the old town from one jam session to the next.  Musicians were aplenty and everywhere we went we saw bassists, mandolinists, guitarists, fiddlists, banjoists, harmonicaists (I’m definitely making up words by this point), violinists, what have you.  Between the music, the ranch, and the fashion – it was very stimulating.

And then we got back in the car.

Dear heavens – what were we thinking?  Crying. Kicking. Yelling. Screaming.  And that was just Sam.  But the kids…yeesh.  I needed a tranq gun and martini.  By the time we got home for dinner, bath, and bed I was ready to jump out of the car and take my chances.  Luckily, that was the exact moment we pulled in the driveway so I didn’t have far to fall.

Here’s what I learned: no more road trips unless we pack an iPad.  Mommy just can’t take it.


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