The Amazing Race

As my aging body runs from clue to clue through invisible quicksand I ask myself yet again, “What in the heck am I doing here?”

On Saturday, Sam and I accompanied two of our dear friends to become team JWAMSS (emphasis on the SSSSS) in the Santa Monica “Amazing Race.”  Was it easy?  No.  Was it straight-forward?  NO.  Did we all run around in circles on Venice Beach trying to figure out what a tattoo that Anne had to get, the number 8, and a bunch of graduation classes meant?  Yes.  (Turns out it meant we had to decode a bunch of plaques on Muscle Beach and then ask a covert agent doing pull-ups if he had a clue for us.  He did, and so we got back on a bus headed for our next clue, which involved decoding bells.)  This went on for hours.

The Amazing Race is organized by a company who, like the TV show, runs people like me ragged chasing clue and looking like a big weirdo.  It’s held all over the world and after participating in one I can see the allure… IF I was in better shape and didn’t mind looking like a big weirdo running through the streets chasing clues.  But you definitely need a team of brain power because the clues are not easy.  Anyway, despite our age and our slowness, our brain power was massive so team JWAMSS came in tied for 2nd place.

We even have the medals to prove it.securedownload


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