SleepTraining, Argo, and Sam’s No-Good Neck

Saturday, October 13th and last night Baby slept through the night!  Granted, both he and my 2 year-old woke up at 5:20am raring to go, but I’ll take it.  After seeing Argo, we had a drink with a friend and braced ourselves for another sleepless night.  Although Baby was getting better (night three he woke up only once from 11pm-12am), we had low expectations for night four.  I have my fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed that tonight is equally as aweome.

Argo meanwhile is a winner.  Besides the fact that Ben Affleck and Sam look pretty much identical to one another with a beard, I loved the movie.  On the edge of my seat I started to doubt what I knew to be true…did they survive?  Would they make it?  It is a movie that makes you forget the outcome because the tension is so high.  This one is a definite must-go-see if you like action, history, the middle east, spy, CIA, political, love or drama movies.  In other words, unless you’re a major stoner who knows Harold and Kumar verbatim, this move is for you.

Sam wore his neck-brace to the theater and went to bed afterward in a groan of agony.  Poor guy needs to be beheaded and be done with it.

And that’s the news for today…got some sleep, saw an awesome movie, and have a husband who looks like Lurch/Ben Affleck with a beard.  Not too bad I guess.  Oh, and we went to a farm in Simi Valley and bought a 400 pound pumpkin.  Seriously.  So I’ve got that going for me too.


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