1,500 Pot Plants Found In Chicago

Fact: I have a very active imagination.

Fact: I have two kids.

Fact: I often walk around Los Angeles making up scenarios involving ninjas, illegal drug operations, and hand-to-hand combat with only my kids, my cell phone, and a Cougar Chariot double stroller to save me.

Just the other day I was passing a house on a nice-sized lot for the city and I thought to myself, now there is a good place to plant a marijuana garden.  Hidden from the street due to the limbs of a few large pine trees, the area was slightly overgrown and set back from the street along the side of a house on a corner lot.  Best of all, in my make-believe scenario, the people who lived there had full deniability if ever caught because the garden area was accessible by all passerby.  They could plant the marijuana in almost full view, harvest it for money (and by the looks of the place they could use a little extra cash), and if ever caught, claim ignorance.  Who knows who could have planted it there?

(Aside: did you know that the word passerby is both singular and plural?  As in passerby saw the accident and stopped to help. and Passersby were asked if they were registered to vote.  Interesting, no?)

Anyway, the point is, someone in Chicago had the same ideas as me except they planted 1,500 marijuana plants versus like 2 or 3.  Estimated at a street value of $10 million, officials are still trying to figure out whose property it is.  Unfortunately, I’m thinking whoever it is might have a harder time blaming local hooligans as the culprit.

LA TImes Article


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