Shadow of Night – USC History Prof Nails It

   Deborah Harkness, local USC professor (history), has done it again.  I picked up the book on Friday and could not put the sucker down.  If her lectures are as good as her fiction, sign me up for a class.  Why is this trilogy s not being made into a movie or a series?  The storyline is addictive and much better written than similar historical fictions ala The DaVinci Code.  If you liked Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer or The Other Boleyn Girl, then you will love Shadow of Night.

Shadow of Night picks up where A Discovery of Witches (book one) leaves off.  Only this time, our main characters are time traveling to Elizabethan England in a time of poets, philosophers, and intrigue galore.  Love it!  I cannot tell you how many things I had to Google, which for me is a prerequisite for success.  I mean who wants to read about something she already knows?  My favorite Google was the Hungarian Guard Dog otherwise known as the Komondor, otherwise known as a moving mop.

King Henry, Catherine the Great, Ferdinand and Isabella – these are all names I remember from school.  But Rudolph II,  Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia, and Archduke of Austria…not so much.  So I Googled him.  He’s bringing sexy back.  The point is my dear readers, I’m a fan.  So if you’ve got time for 584 pages and you like thrilling trilogies involving history, time travel, star-crossed love, the occult, and witchcraft, then Shadow of Night is the read for you.  And Deborah Harkness?  Chop chop.  I’m ready for book three!


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