Weight-Loss Plateau, Insanity Style

Dear Shaun T,

While I have loved (not true) your Insanity workout, I find myself plateauing.  I’m in week 7 now and I’m stuck at 144 pounds with 19 left to lose.  It’s been five months since baby came and I’m ready to be back in my jeans.  My husband says I need to cut chocolate out of my diet – hard to do when it’s the main source of keeping myself awake.  (you have no idea how long a day can be until yours starts at 3am!)

So today, in an effort to hurry along my weight loss, I am starting a food journal to record just what unhealthy foods I’m sneaking in.  My hope is that the last 19 pounds will melt away with this MAJOR effort on my part and I’ll be back down to 125 in no time.  Today so far read as: 1 cup coffee, 4 bites of oatmeal (it was all I could squeeze in before Baby started to cry)…

56 pounds gone, 19 to go.  Come on Shaun T, this Insanity thing has got to work!  I’m not killing myself for nothing.

Yours truly,  Hot Pants


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