My Virtual Babysitter

Oh the guilt.  The horrible horrible guilt.

My two-year old has begun watching TV on the computer.  It’s all my fault.  I’m a terrible mother.

From 0 to 2, our daughter had no access to TV, computer, DVDs, Skype, phone apps, movies, you name it.  Basically, she was like an Awá-Guajá baby, but with fancier footwear.  And then she turned two and it all went downhill.  For the past month I have been using Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and to babysit my daughter every time I need to take care of our new baby.

  • Baby needs to be coaxed down for his morning nap – Big Girl gets to watch a DVD about farm tractors
  • Baby needs to eat a bowl of delicious rice cereal – Big Girl gets to watch an episode of Sesame Street
  • Baby has somehow crawled under the sofa, gotten stuck, lit the curtains on fire, and fed the dog a giant chocolate bar – Big Girl gets to…well, you get the point

In my own defense, at least my virtual babysitter is educational.  It’s not like I’m letting her watch Reservoir Dogs or Showgirls.

Oh the guilt.  The horrible horrible guilt.




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2 responses to “My Virtual Babysitter

  1. Harry

    Actually Reservoir Dogs is approved viewing.

  2. Mary

    What guilt? Give me a break >> just have her watch sesame street and other educational videos! Last time I checked, I watched TV as a kid, my son watched TV as a kid and we all survived and thrived quite well, thank you.

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