Insanity Workout – Month Two, It’s a Killer

On Monday I began part two of the Insanity 60 Day workout – Max Interval Training.  I have one word for you, AyeYieYie.

Shaun T is trying to kill me.  Please note this for when the police find my body in the back house, drenched in sweat and stuck in a sideways push-up.  Yes, sideways push-up.  I didn’t know such a thing existed and yet yesterday I found myself jumping in and out of them.  Most of my workout with Shaun T has one mantra running through my head:

#@%$$*&^*&%^%%$& you, Shaun T!!!

Shaun T used to be fat.  Did you know that?  It’s true.  And then he changed his major in college to sports fitness and the rest is history.

I’ve got five weeks done and four weeks to go in the Insanity Challenge.  My husband has given up, my neighbor’s co-worker has given up, and the girl down the street tried it and said Hello To The NO.  But I’m not giving up.  No matter how tired I am (And trust me, I am tired.  My baby gets up about 5 times a night!), how hard Shaun T pushes, how lonely it gets out in the back house – I am finishing this challenge.  It’s not pretty, but I need to do it.  I need to reclaim my body after having two children back to back and feeling as if I’ll never get rid of the circles underneath my eyes.

I just hope it doesn’t kill me.  I cannot have the police find me in the back house dressed like I am.  Note to self: buy new workout clothes.  Ratty sweatpants and stained sports bras is not how I want to go.

Shaun T?  If you’re listening?  The next workout plan needs to involve cocktail dresses and awesome necklaces.








(thanks to for her workout inspiration!)


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