Vegan Love: Online Dating for Herbivores

At the Hollywood Bowl last week with some gal pals, we began discussing love and other national disasters.  Seems to be that finding “The One” these days is like finding Tom Cruise a beard who will stick; mission impossible.  So when I heard about online dating geared specifically for vegans, vegetarians, and discriminating omnivores, I was intrigued.

Veggie Connection boasts. Join like-minded vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, and macrobiotics for dating, friendships, and penpals.”  Penpals?  Like Dear Broccoli, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways?  Hmmm…no thanks.

Single Vegetarian sells itself as, “Vegetarian Singles looking for love online. Vegetarian Guys and Girls who have come to the internet searching for their soulmate are online now in your area. Stop searching in the wrong places for single vegetarian men and women. Join Vegetarian Singles today and get the best dating platform and the easiest to use tools that help you find your vegeterian match today!”  

Veggie Date says, “Vegetarian dating for Vegetarian singles. Try vegetarian dating. Our vegetarian single members include lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, fish vegetarians, those who are becoming vegetarian and macrobiotic diets through vegan vegetarians. Our free vegetarian personals allow you to meet veggie singles and share organic vegetarian and healthy vegetarian dishes. VeggieDate also provides searches if you are a raw vegan or raw foodist who would enjoy eating raw foods with other raw vegetarians and raw foodists. Eating raw food, especially organic raw food.”  Ummm, Booo-ring.

Vegan Dating Service is a hip site geared more towards young people if their photos are anything to go by.  Their sell is about sacrifice = vegans = picky eaters = picky daters.  I like the concept and were I a vegan, I’d check this site out for sure.

Vegan Passions writes, “If the thought of kissing a ‘meat eater’ turns your stomach, Vegan Passions is the site for you.”  Yikes!  That’s a little extreme isn’t it?  It’s not meat eaters smell like ashtrays or anything.

Vegan Dating looks like an advertisement for eating in the Garden of Eden.  I’m going to pass…I like my apples sans snake.

Planet Earth Singles – aw jeez.  A dude with a rose in his mouth who looks like an exchange student from Belgium.  Pass.

Vegan Come is the same site as Vegan Dating!  I don’t know about the play on words, but now I’m definitely thinking this site is connected to the devil.

And last, but not least is Perfect Match.  “I met my Perfect Match, and he’s a Vegan too!”  I like their logo – and I like that the site supplies a page for members to share recipes for Vegan Date Night.  Plus, on the bottom of the page they list all of their subsidiary dating websites.

So long story short, if you eat meat, you’re screwed…but if you don’t, or if you  love dogs, gays, Republicans or the Navy…love is just a macro-micro-gluten-free click away!


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