Bachelorette, the Movie

Before I say another word…may I introduce, Bachelorette:

Thanks to the genius that is iTunes, Sam and I were able to watch Bachelorette last week before its official release date.  Now so far, the critics aren’t digging it and you know, I’m going to have to say fudge the critics on this one.  Bachelorette stars the amazing and very very bitchy Kirsten Dunst, the idiotic Isla Fisher, the tortured coke-head Lizzy Caplan, and the bride, Aussie comedy queen, Rebel Wilson.  Now while the movie’s no Bridesmaids, it does paint a fairly humorous and dark picture of being a bridesmaid.

Okay so funny wedding movies – Bridesmaids, Wedding Crashers, Meet the Fockers…this is isn’t really one of those.  It’s sadder and shorter; the whole premise takes place in about 24 hours.  And though the movie’s not laugh of out, there’s something there that hooks you right from the start.  (I didn’t take potty breaks and I watched it from my sofa)  But perhaps that’s because I’ve been a bridesmaid in about a half a dozen weddings and it’s no glamour job.

So Bachelorette – watch it on iTunes while you can.  It’s a perfect treat for those who have donned the taffeta dress.


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