Prince Ginger

Nudey Prince Harry is quite the sight to behold and I for one, am happy he decided to play strip billiards.  If only I could have been there in person, but alas…I’ve got babies to raise.

As the world continues to gasp at the naked Prince, I hesitate to remind everyone that he is not the first royal to doff thy robes.  Sadly, he’s just the first one to get caught doing it in Vegas.  What confounds me is, who cares that Prince Harry got naked except those of us who find him sexy?  Does his nakedness take away from his goodwill efforts in Africa?  At the Olympics?  In the North Pole?  I think it just adds a little flavor to the otherwise often staid events.  In fact, everywhere Harry goes seems a little bit more exciting.

Just peak at his recent trip to the islands.  Can you image skeleton Kate or the always well-behaved William busting a move to Bob Marley?  I don’t think so.  

Or in Belize?  

Or in Croatia?  

Let’s just admit it, people.  We love that Prince Ginger gets naked.  That’s what makes him, Prince Hot Ginge.


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