The New Bourne

I’m a huge fan of Jason Bourne.  Huge.  So when Sam asked if I wanted to see the start of the new franchise, I had my reservations.

The Bourne Legacy stars Jeremy Renner as Matt Damon’s replacement another Treadstone project.  Like Matt cutie pie Damon, Renner has become a lean mean killing machine.  Unlike Matt wanna-squeeze-your-handsome-little-face Damon, Renner is a bit unapproachable.  Maybe it’s because I’ve met him (Renner, not Damon sadly), but I just wasn’t rooting for him as strongly as I did with Damon.  Did Renner do a good job?  Yes.  Was he totally believable as a new assassin guinea pig?  Yes.  Did I feel like clapping at the end when he sailed off into the sunset.  Meh.

Props though to Tony Gilroy for starting a new franchise.  The Bourne Legacy is definitely the set-up for many more Bourne movies to come and until they suck, I’m in.  I’d be more in if they starred Matt iloveyousomuch Damon, but whatever.

Gilroy though?  If you’re listening?  Buy Damon a walker, cruches, whatever the guy needs.  Jason Bourne is Matt Damon is Robert Ludlum’s Bourne is Matt Damon.  It’s a done thing.  Trust me, I’ve read every book and it’s Matt Damon.  Matt huggy huggy kissy kissy Damon.


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