Insanity, the Workout for Nuts

I blame Krista.  There, I said it.

Over my holiday my husband did the Insanity workout with my BFF in her basement.  Not my cup of tea, so I passed on the sweating to watch the kids and eat chocolate.  And then we came back from holiday and Sam found Insanity online.  “Do it with me.”  he coaxed.  “You’ll love it.”  Next thing I know…I’m taking the Insanity challenge.

Shaun T, the guru of all things Insane, has devised a 60-day workout plan guaranteed to change your body or your money back.  And you know what, it works.  It really works.  I’ve been doing the workouts for not quite two weeks and the changes are undeniable.  I can see the last bits of baby weight melting away onto the floor of my back-house as I sweat my well, ass off.  Shaun T has me jumping and running and skiing and doing suicide drills.  Suicide drills!  At my age!  It’s bonkers.

Strangely though, I’m starting to look forward to our sessions of pain.  I turn on the fan, leave the door open so I can see the garden and hear the birds, crank up the radio, and go.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s like a train wreck in there.  Nothing my body does looks anything like what Shaun T and his evil minions do, but I’m trying.  And I’m getting stronger.  And my old Hawaiian board shorts are starting to fit!

I wanted to put up some before and after photos for you or a video or something, but it’s impossible.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of success stories that people have posted on YouTube, blogs, what-have-you with their amazing results.  And for those of you who do P90X, I’d love to hear how Insanity compares.  I hear through the grape vine that it’s equally as ‘insane.’

And if you’re thinking maybe I want to try out this Insanity thing…brace yourself.  Shaun T is like Nurse Ratched without the foreplay.



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2 responses to “Insanity, the Workout for Nuts

  1. Krista

    Yeah Shaun T, yeah SM, yeah Sam! Dig Deeper!!!

  2. Duncan

    Hank does the P90 X!! where online?

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