2 Days in New York

I like Julie Delpy- she’s great.  There’s just something about her that makes me want to invite her over for fork and pie.  Maybe it’s because she starts off all of her movies saying she’s old and fat.  Or maybe it’s the subject matter, which seems to me so ridiculous and real all at the same time.   Either way, it’s a combination that’s win-win for me.

In 2 Days in New York, Delpy picks up where she left off in 2 Days in Paris, a highly comedic film co-starring my favorite, the dark and hypochondriacal Adam Goldberg.  This time however, she’s moved on to Chris Rock and they’re living together in NYC as a couple of liberal yuppies.  He works in the arts, she works in the arts, he has a child, she has a child…they’re perfect together.  Until her family hits the scene.  I’ll say no more except that as families go, this one is not too bad.  Embarrassing, sex-crazed, french?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Chris Rock never knew what hit him.

You can download it on iTunes for $9.99 or catch it in a small theater near you.  Do it.  It’s perfect fodder for smiling after a long Monday at the office.


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