French Kissing

French Kissing, so named because the French were thought to be more passionate in the 1900’s, is a strange thing to observe.  Clinically speaking, it’s not that sexy.  In high school I had a friend who french kissed a boy’s nose.  Granted the nose was a honker so in the dark it was an easy mistake to make, but still.  The fact that she couldn’t tell the difference gives a good indication of how unsexy french kissing can be with the wrong person.

Bad kissing, and bad french kissing in particular, is no rare phenomenon.  I think we all remember Brad the Bad Kisser:

Or this incredibly disturbing kiss:

My point?  I saw a lackluster french kissing scene between one very handsome gay actor and one incredibly emaciated red-haired actress.  Obviously, I didn’t buy the romance.  And that just got to me to thinking about french kissing and how tricky it can be.  So, I’m bring back the old-fashioned movie kiss – just one long kiss with no room for error.

Here are some old and new examples of kisses that work:




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