The Inbetweeners

Thank goodness for Netflix.  About a week ago, stuck awake and wondering why my aching eyes wouldn’t just close themselves and be done with it, I stumbled upon a new show – The Inbetweeners.  A British sitcom from 2008 to 2010, The Inbetweeners focuses on the life of 4 teenage boys who are utterly retarded obsessed with sex uncool.  As a woman, I might not be supposed to enjoy something as rude as The Inbetweeners, but as I’ve said before…although I might look like a 34-year-old mum on the outside, on the inside I’m pure 13-year-old boy.  The Inbetweeners is like Superbad except it’s only 30 minutes per episode and the boys are English not American.  Otherwise though, the idiocy is the same.

The show is centered around Will, a nerdy private school boy whose parents divorce and due to lack of funds, is thus forced to go to a crappy public school.  Briefcase boy, I mean Will, befriends cute, but awkwardly timid Simon and his two chums, dumb-as-a-rug Neil and liar-liar-pants-on-fire Jay.  The hilarity ensues as the 4 chums land in one hot pickle after another as they try to lose their virginity and navigate high school (in that order).  You can see full episodes on YouTube if you don’t have Netflix.  

In addition to terribly ridiculous high school drama, the show also lends itself to British teenage slang like, fit and bent and poof.

Fit (sexy): “She’s so fit I want to touch her boobs.”  Bent (gay):  “Your dad’s bent, Neil.”  And Poof (short for poofter, also meaning gay):  “Are you a poof then?”

Due to its success, the powers-that-be even made a movie about the 4 once school has let out.  As you can see, it’s utter cretinism and therefore wonderful for nights you can’t sleep.  The Inbetweeners, just what your average 13-year-old boy/34-year-old mum needs.


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