Pottery Barn – On My Shit List

About to rant and rave so hold onto your trousers.

Last week I purchased TODDLER bedding from Pottery Barn Kids for my daughter.  Shark bedding to be precise.  Sharks going here, sharks going there, sharks scuba diving in their underwear.  In short, they’re great.

Until I washed them, threw away all the packaging, and tried to put them on her toddler bed.  And that’s when the trouble started.

According to Pottery Barn (both the woman at the store where I purchased and their 800 number) Pottery Barn sells their sheets as TODDLER size, but they’re really crib size.  Seems as if they’ve got their own sizing method that does not correlate with the rest of the world.  And just in case you’re reading this and wondering “what in the hell is this woman talking about???”, a toddler size in bedding in somewhere in between a crib and a twin.  At least it is for everywhere but inside the rosy gates of Pottery Barn.

Worst of all, despite the mislabeling, our sharks sheets are not returnable.  Once you’ve washed, there’s no going back, which I think is a good policy…except if you’re selling TODDLER sheets that are really crib sheets.

Pottery Barn, you’re on my shit list right now.  No more ch-ching, visa visa for you.


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