Shortly after 9/11 a boyfriend and I were at the Grove watching a movie when alarms sounded, lights flashed, and we were instructed to exit the theater in haste.  Since that experience I have always been aware of the ‘fish in a barrel’ phenomenon of movie going.  There we all are, in the dark, absorbed in our purchase, and lined up nicely for something dangerous to happen.  On that particular post 9/11 evening at the Grove it took quite some time for our theater to empty.  Not to mention the other 15 theaters.  It was pandemonium at the Grove that night.

As new details emerge about the shooting in Colorado, I can’t help but feel that this tragedy was bound to happen sooner or later.  Why Batman though?  What about the masked avenger inspired such violence in that man?  Sam and I had tickets to see Batman Rising on Saturday night.  We didn’t go.  Not because we were afraid of a copycat occurrence, but because our daughter fell off the sofa and bonked her head on the coffee table.  But in all honesty, going to see Batman just didn’t seem all that fun anymore.


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