Marry Me Sugar Daddy

Why do I keep getting emails from ‘Marry Me Sugar Daddy?’  Everyday there’s at least one in my inbox and I cannot understand how this has happened.

A) I am not a man

B) or a Daddy

C) nor do I have a preference for females when it comes to holy matrimony (especially when they’re just after me for my money)

So of course, me being me, I finally had to do a web search.  Turns out Marry Me Sugar Daddy is a dating site pairing (and I quote) beautiful women with successful men.  Sounds legit to me.  Best of all, in the search box on the home page, visitors can choose to be a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to peek.

As soon as I typed in who I wanted (Sugar Daddy) the website sent me to a page of grayed-out profile pictures.  Before I could see all my potential Daddies I needed to supply just a bit more about myself.  One question in particular struck my fancy as it pertained to what type of relationship/arrangement I was looking for.  These were some of my choices:

 Benefactor (I want to spoil)
 Beneficiary (I want to be spoiled)
 Casual / Intimate
 Extramarital Affair
 Serious (Long-Term)
 Travel Partner


Once I answered the questions and supplied my email, date of birth, and waist size (just kidding – not really) I was free to check out my potential rent payers.  In their profiles I could see where they lived, what they did for a living, what their monthly budget was for spoiling me, and what they earned in yearly net income.  Not to mention some pretty awesome profile pictures that were totally real and in no way taken from a modeling website.

Lastly, the Daddies (literate millionaires that they are) got to type in a little blurb.  My favorite read as follows:

I would love to find a girl/woman to take out on my boat with me when i can. IF she loves the open sea like I do, i know we will both have a blast together. The ocean can be pretty romantic as well.

Yes, what a romantic blast that would be.  The only thing missing is the “…and she was never seen from or heard from again.”



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2 responses to “Marry Me Sugar Daddy

    • hi i would love a SUGARDADDY to spoiled me very much, who would love and cares for me, someone who loves to go out and have fun and love the entertainment of an tremendous woman, my name is rozara and my contact # is 876jhkgbwd. call me as soon as possible and introduce your self, am waiting patiently……… please hurry and rescue me.

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