Bye Bye UCLA Japanese Garden – Hello Los Angeles Parks and Gardens

The city of L.A., Bel Air in particular, is in an uproar over the sale of Hannah Carter’s Japanese Garden.  The Carter family says that the agreement of the donation was that the garden would not be sold.  The University says that the garden must be sold because the $140,000 yearly upkeep is too steep for their pockets.  As of May 18th, the sale is going forward despite a lawsuit filed by the Carter family and a grassroots ‘Save the Garden’ campaign by locals.  Seems as if the LA Superior Court is on the side of UCLA.

I first heard about this tragedy (because losing any non-developed land, especially one which has been designed and cultivated into one of our country’s best Japanese gardens, is a shame in my opinion) when I began searching for the best parks and gradens in Los Angeles.  Runyon Canyon, Franklin Park, Topanga Canyon, Will Rogers State Park, the La Brea Tar Pits, the Sculpture Garden – the list is quite extensive.  In fact, there were quite a few that I’d never heard of; the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden among them.

So before all the parks and gardens close in Los Angeles to make way for a Trader Joe’s or a beige stucco apartment complex, check out what we have while it’s here.  Some of them, like the caves in Griffith Park where Batman was filmed, are really quite exceptional.


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