Adultery: Easy Side Up

Infidelibly Yours?  Betrayals in the Mist?  Or how about just plain old, Illicit Encounters?

If cheating is your game, then Illicit Encounters is the name.  The home page of their website advertises as follows:

Married but Feeling neglected? In need of some excitement?
Illicit Encounters is a discreet & confidential extra-marital dating service for women & men…

I love it.  Who cares about those stupid vows you took way-back-when with that fat cow you now call husband or wife?  Enough is enough of eating vanilla every day.  It’s time for some chocolate two-timing, some rocky road faithlessness or some praline perfidy.  In short, no need to be dodgy about your desire to have an extramarital affair.  Just log on and browse all the men and women who are right there with you.

Dear Smile On Your Face,

I like that your moniker is a black stallion.  Very subtle.  Very sexy.  I’m slightly confused by the first lines of your advert though.

‘A well-educated, intelligent professional, smart, honest, kind, extremely passionate, tactile, loves kissing and above all a gentleman.’

Aren’t we on an illicit encounters website?  A venue so that married people like us can have affairs without having to hang-out in seedy hotel bars?

Super glad you included ‘honest, kind…and above all a gentleman.’  I wouldn’t have my adultery any other way.

Meet you in the lobby of the Hilton at 5…I’ll look for that black stallion t-shirt you mentioned.

xo Sara




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