June Gloom: Destination Los Angeles

For those in the know, Southern California is not the place to come and visit in June or May for that matter.  As LA Mag deftly stated, June Gloom and it’s dour-faced sibling, Gray May are the dreariest months in the year.  From early morning until late afternoon a glaring haze covers the sky in blah, rendering its Los Angeles inhabitants in dismal, dingy, doleful, and dull.  A big change from our sunny, warm, and breezy normalcy.

I have a love-hate relationship with Los Angeles.  I hate the driving, the phonies, the crazy-expensive cost of living…and I love the weather.  I love that I go for a walk almost every single day of the year without having to wear a jacket.  I love that I get to wear sunglasses in December, January, and February because I need them, not because I’m pretending to be Goldie Hawn.  And I love that our backyard is constantly blooming in green, pink, yellow, purple, and orange.

So maybe June is a chance for Los Angelenos to re-appreciate what we have by living without it.  One month of gloom is isn’t that bad in the grand twelve-month scheme of things.  Plus, I kind of like being clouded-over.  It makes drinking tea and kvetching seem appropriate.


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