Skid Row, Location: Los Angeles

Skid Row is not a destination most type into their GPS and yet when I saw the headline a few days ago that actor Nick Stahl had disappeared there, I grew curious.  I’ve done some volunteering in Los Angeles’ “Skid Row” and to be clear, it’s no row.  In fact, it’s more like a little city inside the parameters of downtown LA, inside of the city of LA, inside of the county of LA.  Small in size, large in populus.

In reading more about what Skid Row is (and I assume it got its moniker after prison’s skid row from which no one returns) I stumbled upon this five-part series.  Each short is only a few minutes long, but documents an interesting glimpse into the infamous quagmire of drugs and hopelessness.  Sadly, I can only attach them as links due to the WordPress system, but if you take the time, I think you’ll appreciate the education.

On Skid Row: Introduction – Part One

On Skid Row: Kids – Part Two

On Skid Row: Drugs – Part Three

On Skid Row: God – Part Four

On Skid Row: Afterword – Part Five


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  1. my name is richard deberry i lived on skid row for a year,i left came to palm springs,ca im now going to school for medical assistant i graduate oct 4th prior to that i was homeless in tucson,az for eight years. im verry happy now.the jonah project on skid row saved my life. iwant to do a news story any thing is possible,with time and hard work.if you want to talk about a news story. contact me at 760-251-2346 when i was out there i was very unhappy,and very dirty. i was disgustied in my self.and very low self esteem.thx signed successful soul.

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