The Hour

  Sam, who has very different tastes in entertainment than moi (think Dirty Harry vs Dirty Dancing), ordered a show called The Hour from Netflix.  I didn’t want to watch, but with nothing else to do in my brain-dead state, I did.

At first, I was sure this was just another of his convoluted spy shows.  I had no idea what was going on in episode 1 (the show and my brain-dead state are probably both to blame) and the whole 1950’s era/Mad Men thing just didn’t do it for me.  But for some reason I sat there and before I could count how many packs of cigarettes each character smoked in an hour, I was hooked.  Episode after episode (okay all 6 of them) were devoured as I raced to see who dunnit.

For those of you who like a little cerebral espionage with your conspiracy ice cream, I strongly recommend The Hour for your consideration.  It’s BBC-tastic.


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