The Art of Napping

People keep telling me to nap when my little ones nap.  Sadly however, they don’t nap at the same time.  Thus I have created a new kind of napping – napping on demand.  I believe soldiers and politicians during a campaign year might find these habits useful.

  1. nap at red lights – it’s perfectly safe because A) you can put your car in park and B) someone will always start honking to let you know that naptime is over.
  2. nap at mealtimes – again very handy because A) someone will throw something at you if you’re needed and B) the sound of slurping and chewing is actually quite soothing in a rainforest kind of way.
  3. nap during phone conversations –  no one will know.  People love to talk about themselves.  One well-placed question such as “How are things going?” and they’ll be off and running.
  4. nap while showering – a guaranteed few minutes of rest.  Skip the soap and shampoo.  Use the time instead to curl up on the bathroom floor and nap.  (this one might require a timer)
  5. and last, but not least, nap during all extracurricular activities – this includes doctor visits, grocery shopping, and visits to the restroom during meetings.  Like I said before, nap on demand.  If you’re not catching a few zzz’s while in line to buy milk and eggs, you’re not using your time wisely.

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