Research Maniac – SUVs, Strollers, and Barstools

Still in hibernation over here and boy is it not conducive to my propensity for copious over-researching.

I continue to shop for an SUV that fits 6 comfortably, has good gas mileage, and comes with a back-up camera.  It’s harder than you think!  The Infiniti Q-something seems like our most perfect match, but the sticker price is shocking.  Lexus has a GX that also fits the bill except for the gas mileage part.  And Ford’s new Explorer is pretty good if not for the poor reliability.  See what I mean?  It’s tough pickings.  I thought the Highlander would fit my needs, but in terms of space I need more, more, more.  Same goes for the Acura MDX, the BMW x5, and the Lexus RX.

Happily, the search for the perfect stroller has come to an end…kind of.  We purchased a Chariot Cougar for 2.  It allows you (me) to run, walk, bike, hike, and cross-country ski with the little ones.  Not that I do cross-country skiing, but I could.  I also purchased a Joovy Ultralight Caboose, but am returning it.  That sucker corners like it’s a run-away shopping cart.  My daughter loved it in all of it’s drunk-driving weeeee! glory.  I on other hand, couldn’t deal.  So we’re sticking with our fleet as is: 1 Bob, 1 UppaBaby, 1 Snap-n-Go, 1 Cougar.  Seems like a good medley for the time being.  (and no, those are not my kids…I highjacked above photo from the web)

And finally, I am still on the hunt for those god$@&* barstools.  Y Living is a great stool website and when I win the lottery I am totally buying a $2000 barstool.  In the interim however, all I want is a simple swivel barstool with no arms and no fabric.  Picture vintage industrial meets apothecary chic.  I need to design something – I’d make millions and then I could buy the $2000 ones.



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