Plastic Baby Dolls – Danger, Danger, Danger?

With a new one coming home any day now, I’ve begun searching for a special “baby” for our first.  I googled ‘good dolls to bring home with baby from the hospital’ and came up with Bitty Baby and American Girl.  Since I live in close proximity to an American Girl store, which is often frequented by the like of Suri Cruise and her ilk, I quickly put the kabash on American Girl.  (I’m a reverse snob)

Googling madly, I came across Corolle dolls.  A French brand (made in China) these dolls have the eyes that open and close, great reviews on Amazon, and the smallish size I was looking for.  Best yet, they had a little boy!  Another brand I stumbled upon was Gotz, but their dolls were a bit too fancy for our needs.  Ditto with Madame Alexander.

Psyched that my search was done, I went back to Corolle to read the reviews once more thoroughly, when what to my wondering eyes should appear…a warning about plastic and PVC chemicals of which we want to stay clear.  Oh crap.

Three hours later, my head bulging with information about chlorine, bromine, arsenic, and a bunch of other chemicals I can’t even pronounce, I had no doll and a splitting headache. which tests not only toys, but adult items as well, pronounced my Corolle find ‘Medium’ for safety due to a high amount of chlorine in the head. told me I was stuck with a cloth doll if I wanted safe.  And nailed the coffin closed when they blurted that even Melissa & Doug toys are guilty of using lead paint.  Melissa?! Doug?!  My child chews on your toys!

Needless to say, I have no doll with open and closing eyes to bring home from the hospital.  I went instead with 10 books that new baby can wrap up and give to old baby each morning for a few days.  But secretly, I still want Corolle’s Mon Premier Calin doll with the PVC head.

(and btw, American Girl’s Bitty Baby had chlorine and bromine found in it)


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  1. wendieaston

    All fabric dolls/non toxic

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